We fondly dedicate the 2017 LATINMAG to the memory of Ruben Somoza, colleague, partner and friend 


   The Fifth bi-anual meeting of the LATINMAG will take place in the fall of (18-22 september) 2017 in the city of Querétaro at the Centro Académico y Cultural (CAC) of UNAM Juriquilla Campus. LATINMAG is celebrating 10 years of existence and we are planning a special event for this occasion. We hope you can join us in Querétaro. The city is a jewel of the XVII and XIX century colonial architecture in central Mexico. The local organizing committee and LATINMAGs Executive Committee are pleased to invite you to the V LATINMAG Bi-annual Meeting that is being co-organized by the Centro de Geociencias and the Instituto de Geofísica of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).   

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
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LATINMAG is the Latin American Association of Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetism. It was founded in 2007 having as objectives the promotion of research in discipline of rock and mineral magnetism, geomagnetism, and paleomagnetism in latin-american countries, as well as develop mechanisms for the collaboration between scientists, students and professionals in these fields.

To reach our goals, at LATINMAG we organize a meeting every two years. Our bi-annual meetings are forums to present research advances, progress reports, and final results of different projects. During the meeting we organize workshops, courses and other activities that promote the free exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions in an environment of empathy, community, and friendship.

LATINMAG seeks to strengthen consolidated research groups and boost developing centers for research in the field.


The first day of LATINMAG meeting will be dedicated to young scientists and students. With this in mind, we are organizing workshops in rock magnetism, instrumentation, scientific writing, and statistics. Please visit this page again for an update of this activities.

Those interested in participate in the young scientist events please email the event coordinator.

Beatriz Ortega



Meeting cost

Full registration $200 USD
Student $50 USD
Companion Person $50 USD

Register here!

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"Terrestrial magnetism, from the Precambrian until today" is the theme selected for the V LATINMAG meeting. In this context, the topics for the congress include rock and mineral magnetism, environmental magnetism, magnetic proxies of climate change, paleomagnetism, tectonics, magnetic fabric, deformation of the earth’s crust, magnetostratigraphy, geomagnetism, archeomagnetism, geodinamo models, earth-sun interactions, terrestrial electromagnetism, biomagnetism, and prospecting methods, based on electromagnetis.

We invite scientists making research i to propose additional sessions in related topics.

Joshua Feinberg will be joining us, as a guest conferencist from the University of Minnesota, introducing the talk:  “Humans and the paleoenvironment: What can we learn about hominins by studying the magnetism of speleothems and archaeological sites in caves?”.




A small number of travel grants will be available for students presenting their work at the meeting. To be considered for a travel grant students are required to register using the following link.

Register your request of support   


The deadline to send abstracts is June 30th, 2017

Authors are encouraged to send extended abstracts

The instructions to write your summary are in the document attached.

Instrucciones para el resumen
Consider to do an extense summary in which you can include a figure. A registered person can send a maximum of two summaries, but one of them will be assigned to a session of posters

NOTE: Independently of the language that you use in the summary, it must include a summary not bigger than 250 words in english.

Registration Process

Formulario de Registro
Fill the following record form with personal information
Envío de correo
Send your summary as an attached file to the following mail,
in subject use "RESUMEN LATINMAG 2017"




The city of Querétaro is accesible by air, with an international airport 40 km east of the city. There are frequent flights to Dallas, Houston, Monterrey and Mexico city. There are less frequent flights to Cancuún (Volaris flies Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

The simplest way to reach Querétaro is, however, flying to Mexico City and riding a bus directly from the airport to Querétaro. The bus ride is 3 hours with a cost of about $22 USD (Primera Plus

The city is 210 km from Mexico City and is connected with a toll road. Taxi rides within the city are easy and unexpensive, most rides are under $10 USD, and we also have a highly recommended UBER service (except from the Bus terminal).

If you prefer a different hotel, international chains are well established in the city with costs of about $50-$70 US. There are also Budget hotels of about $20 US a room and a list of hostals.

We have a list of hotels with contact information that you can call directly for your reservation.

Residents of Canada, USA, Japan, United Kingdom, or any country of the Schengen. Do not require a visa.

     No visa requirements. Passport valid for 6 months.

     No visa requirements. Passport valid for 6 months.

     No visa requirements. Passport valid for 6 months.

Visitors with a USA visa do not require additional VISA, otherwise visit:


Dr. Roberto Stanley Molina Garza
Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro
+52 (442) 186 4985

organizing committee

Post Name Campus Email
Chair Dr. Roberto Stanley Molina Garza Centro de Geociencias, UNAM
Vice-chair Ana María Soler Instituto de Geofísica. UNAM
Outreach Dra. Ligia Pérez Cruz Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM
Secretary Dr. Juan Julio Morales Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM
Technical Sessions Dra. Beatriz Ortega Guerrero Instituto de Geofísica, UNAM
Editorial Dra. Cecilia Caballero Miranda Instituto de Geofísica. UNAM
Dr. Harald Bohnel Centro de Geociencias, UNAM
Local logistics Dra. María Isabel Sierra Centro de Geociencias. UNAM

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